Tyndrum to Inveroran – 9.7 miles (832.4 total)

Because yesterday’s walk was longer than originally planned that meant that today’s section was correspondingly shorter. Instead of a 16 mile day, therefore, we had the luxury of a 10 mile one.

We stayed 2 nights at the same hotel in Tyndrum so there was no pressure to get on the road quickly after breakfast. Tyndrum may be small but it is a busy place. It is strategically located at the junction of 2 main roads, the A85 and the trunk road to Fort William and beyond, the A82. It is also directly on the path of the West Highland Way. Intriguingly it has an Upper Station and a Lower Station. Checking online I discovered that it is the smallest village in the UK to have 2 railway stations.

The Green Welly – Tyndrum

The walk out of Tyndrum continued where it finished yesterday by following the Old Military Road. The river, the road, the railway and the WHW all keep each other company as they follow the valley. Our route was quite straight and level as far as Bridge of Orchy. As I said previously, when I first walked the WHW in 1988 it was surprisingly busy. To date it is probably the busiest way walk I have ever done. Since starting at Milngavie I have been amazed to see how much busier it has become. Today though was incredible. A long procession of walkers snaked their way far into the distance in small groups, all heading north. I have been told that as many as 80,000 people a year now walk the West Highland Way. From Lands End to Milngavie I doubt if I’ve encountered 10!

Leaving Tyndrum
The view looking north

The morning was the hottest so far leaving us relieved that our walk wasn’t long enough for the heat to affect us. We got to Bridge of Orchy after 7.5 miles and took a break. This left only 2 miles to the finish at Inveroran. Although we were still following the same old road this last section involved a significant climb, but the views all around us were worth the effort. Our day’s walk was over by 2pm. Tomorrow is another long one with another hot day forecast.

Bridge of Orchy Railway Station

We have a taxi pre-booked to return us to Inveroran tomorrow morning at a cost of £19. When we reached the hotel at Inveroran this afternoon we thought we could have a drink then order a taxi back to our hotel at Tyndrum. Our friendly Romanian barman was quoted an astounding £60 when he phoned on our behalf. He was just going off shift, so he offered us a lift on his way home. Everyone was happy… well almost everyone!

River Orchy
Path to Inveroran