Pensioner goes for a walk

Dario does Lands End to John o'Groats

πŸ“Š Spreadsheet

Here is my original spreadsheet which I used as the basis for all the planning/booking/walking and management of the complete walk. It details the information that I considered necessary to have to hand before setting out.

As I said, this is the original and I am amazed, looking back, at how closely it resembles the walk that I actually did. The only obvious deviation was when I changed my destination on Day 28 from Hyde to Denton because of where the hotel accommodation had been booked (thanks again, Pete). I really do wish I had stuck to my planned route. For that reason I am leaving the spreadsheet unaltered to show what I would recommend if anyone wanted to walk that section.

Please click below to download a version of the itinerary. You can use the ‘Day’ column to direct you to the associated blog post:

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