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My name is Dario Tognini and I am 66 years old. There, I've done it so there is no going back now. I have agonised for months about whether to do this blog at all, and, if so, whether to use my real name. I am a very private person so flashing my details over... Continue Reading →

Lands End to Penzance - 13 miles The inclement weather that had been forecast from my first tentative peek, on my phone app, a week or so ago, didn't materialise. We woke up to a clear blue sky and sunshine. The inevitable rain is no doubt waiting round the corner to catch us out when... Continue Reading →

Penzance to Camborne - 16.9 miles (29.9 total) I woke up at 6.30 this morning to the sound of heavy rain bouncing off the velux window in my bedroom. The prospect of walking a full day in those conditions filled me with dread and did not encourage me to spring out of bed - so... Continue Reading →

Camborne to Truro - 13.6 miles (43.5 total) This is Christopher’s last day with me and it turned out to be a pleasant, if not uneventful, amble to the city of Truro, the county town of Cornwall. The weather forecast was the usual ‘ showers ’ but it had been frosty overnight and we set... Continue Reading →

Truro to St. Austell - 15.5 miles (59 total) I said goodbye to Christopher near Truro Cathedral this morning. He was heading off for the train to Newquay where he would catch a flight to Manchester to link up with his fiancee, Sinéad. His company for the first 3 days of the walk has been... Continue Reading →

St. Austell to Lostwithiel - 12 miles (71 total) The last time I remember doing a walk over Easter was The Cotswold Way in April 1992. This morning, as I set off from St. Austell, en route for Lostwithiel, the church bells serenaded me out of town, reminding me it was indeed Easter Sunday and... Continue Reading →

Lostwithiel to Liskeard - 13.4 miles (84.4 total) The rain that started yesterday was continuous and heavy. I awoke at 3.30 during the night to realise that it had stopped at last. The sheer volume of water worried me so I plotted an alternative route into my GPS than the one I'd planned, eliminating some... Continue Reading →

Liskeard to Tavistock - 22 miles (106.4 total) John arrived on schedule yesterday evening and we enjoyed a good catch-up while still getting to bed at a reasonable time. He has been a pensioner a bit longer than me and still loves his walking. The weather was dry when we set off and progress was... Continue Reading →

Tavistock to Okehampton - 19.2 miles (125.6 total) Although there had been rain overnight it was dry when we started our day's walk. John's knee was causing him a problem - undoubtedly caused by a strenuous first day. We followed The West Devon Way out of Tavistock, first crossing then re-crossing the River Tavy. After... Continue Reading →

Okehampton to Crediton - 19.5 miles (145.1 total) The bubbly weather lady on the television news, at breakfast, forecast a cracking day... and, amazingly, she was right. My breakfast was excellent too, so, all in all, I was in high spirits as I sauntered up the inevitable hill, initially following the Exeter road out of... Continue Reading →

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