Tewkesbury to Worcester 19.4 miles (329.8 total)

My route ahead

The good weather that had been well forecast arrived exactly as predicted today. After a hazy start the day just got warmer and warmer. My app showed 24C later in the day but the temperature earlier could have been higher than that.

Mythe water treatment works, Tewkesbury

I started a longish day with a beginner’s error. Today’s route was still the Severn Way all the way to Worcester city centre. I knew the direction I needed to take, on leaving Tewkesbury, but my GPS was pointing me the opposite way. I overruled my technology and headed along what I thought was my path, albeit hesitantly. Of course there was more than one channel of water running through the town and I soon realised I was following the wrong one. Not for the first time I was forced to retrace my steps, costing me an extra half mile walking and some valuable time. Sometimes you simply make the wrong choice.

My first bluebell display of the walk

Once on route, the rest of the walk was fairly straightforward, but a bit of a slog. For the first time I followed the river on its west bank. I did make one further mistake at Upton upon Severn, where I was scheduled to cross the bridge and continue my walk on the east bank for the remainder of my journey. The signage was somewhat confusing and I found myself crossing the bridge three times before I discovered the complicated path which doubled back under the far end of the bridge to keep me on track.

From there my route took me through Severn Stoke and Kempsey, walking on low flood barriers, similar to yesterday, eventually leading me in to the centre of Worcester on a genuine river path.

Kempsey Church

The distance turned out of be longer than planned. When you factor in the unseasonably hot conditions it was a pretty testing walk. Worcester Cathedral is an impressive edifice and a fitting choice to end a hard day’s tramp. Also waiting for me were John and Trevor, two of my good walking friends from way back, who hope to accompany me on some of my walking over the next few days.

Worcester Cathedral at night