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Crediton to Tiverton - 14.9 miles (160 total) Back to travelling on my own again today. All these towns are starting to look the same to me - shades of Paul Simon’s ‘ Homeward Bound ’. But that is unfair, I'm not staying in them long enough to get properly acquainted with them, only using... Continue Reading →

Tiverton to Wellington - 18 miles (178 total) Yet again there was rain overnight which cleared up in time for the start of my day's walk. Back home they are getting dreadful spells of rain and snow so, all things considered, I feel somebody is looking out for me - so far anyway. I had... Continue Reading →

Wellington to Taunton - 10 miles (188 total) What I thought was going to be a straightforward amble in to the county town of Somerset, Taunton, turned out to be just a little bit stranger than I anticipated. Yet again there was a dampness in the air as I ventured out. No rain arrived, though,... Continue Reading →

Taunton to Bridgwater - 14 miles (202 total) My second canal of the campaign today, the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal, is around 15 miles long and goes from... Bridgwater to Taunton, or in my case, the reverse. Canal walking isn't for everyone, it can be monotonous, it can be featureless, it can even be overcrowded... Continue Reading →

Bridgwater to Burnham on Sea - 13.6 miles (215.6 total) Today’s walk was part of a new one for me, The England Coast Path, following the River Parrett towards the Bristol Channel then continuing to Burnham on Sea. I am told that Bridgwater is the main distribution centre for the South-West. This must be the... Continue Reading →

Burnham on Sea to Congresbury - 16.6 miles (232.2 total) I put a lot of thought into finding my best route from Bridgwater to Bristol. Most recognised way-walks head towards Glastonbury and the Mendip hills but this seemed too circuitous when I am seeking the most direct route. Also, I wanted to avoid any unnecessary... Continue Reading →

Congresbury to Bristol - 17.2 miles (249.4 total) Last night I stayed outside Congresbury, so this morning's walk took me through a golf course, across 3 fields, then into the town itself. One of the fields had some quite hostile sheep in it and, crazy as it sounds, I was relieved to clang the gate... Continue Reading →

Bristol to Severn View - 15.6 miles (265 total) Reaching Bristol allows me to declare that I have officially exited the South-West. Instead of travelling at a sideways angle in a north-easterly direction, I can now set course up the Severn Estuary, mostly walking the Severn Way, with the intention of heading north following canals... Continue Reading →

Severn View to Frampton on Severn - 21.8 miles (286.8 total) Planning today was a bit of a problem for me. Because of the location of potential accommodation I was faced with a choice between a long day today and a short day tomorrow or vice versa. Happier to get the longer day out of... Continue Reading →

Frampton on Severn to Gloucester 9.8 miles (296.6 total) I woke up to the sunshine streaming through the curtains. Looking outside, however, there were huge puddles all around, so I must have slept through some heavy overnight rain. Today is a (relatively) short day's walk, following the canal into the centre of Gloucester. Cooked breakfast... Continue Reading →

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